Front-End Developer - Make an impact!

Front-End Developer

Are you a Front-End Developer looking for something exciting and meaningful? Do you want to shape the future of SMART buildings that improve people's wellbeing? 

Great! Here at Helvar we are international leaders in lighting intelligence, we create people centric products and solutions that save energy and improve the comfort of people. We offer an international Agile R &D business unit and a diverse working culture where your wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. 

If you’re a Front-End Software Engineer looking for a place to learn, grow and develop, while maintaining a healthy work life balance, then Helvar could be for you 😊 

How you can make an impact with us!

As a Front-End Developer in our Cloud Solutions team you will help to provide more modern ways of maintaining and monitoring lighting systems. This industry ‘upgrade’ we are pioneering will ultimately provide valuable insight into how buildings can better be utilized, fully encapsulating the ‘Smart’ in Smart Buildings.

  • You will be developing a cloud data platform that accesses data from our on-premise systems and exposes it via a Web UI and a RESTful Interface.
  • You will handle authentication and authorisation of users with varied levels of access
  • You will be developing modern user interface components for analysing data and visualising systems within a building
  • You will have to opportunity to expand your work into the back end if this interests you
  • The service is relatively new so you have the opportunity to help shape it’s future expansion and reach its full potential.

You will contribute to the architecture, design, codebase, and testing, and documentation of our cloud software. We are primarily using AWS, along with proprietary hardware, wired and wireless technologies, and other modern industry protocols and tools.

"I have the possibility to work with different tools and technologies - I get to try a lot of different skills and learn a lot - there is constantly new things and a future orientation of products and vision." - Helvar Employee 

You would love working here if you are:

  • Open minded & curious - we value true innovators 
  • Hands-on - we trust your initiative 
  • Willing to work in a self-leading team - we are a mid-sized company with little hierarchy.
  • An excellent communicator in English - other languages are a bonus
  • Interested in the opportunity to take ownership with your work - You have the freedom and independence to impact with your team and colleagues.

" It’s quite nice here as I get a lot of independence.  I get a lot of trust, no one is spoon feeding me tasks and there is no micromanaging, - and it’s been like that since day one. The team I work with help me with balancing tasks" - Helvar Employee

What you can add to our fantastic team: 

  • Strong experience in React + Redux, and modern react techniques like sagas, hooks, styled components etc
  • Experience of large scale web apps and handling large volumes of data
  • A good understanding and experience of RESTful  API’s
  • Experience working with the canvas and MapboxGL or a similar library would be a big bonus
  • Programming in node.js
  • Prior experience or knowledge of various AWS managed services or similar such as Cognito, Lambda, API Gateway,  S3, etc.
  • Experience with testing, unit tests, TDD etc (clean code practices)
  • Experience with BitBucket, Jenkins, Git
  • Excellent English communication and someone who enjoys collaborating within a team

Nice-to-haves and future learnings

  • Experience with AWS Amplify
  • Experience with Integration Testing (Python)
  • Knowledge of network programming, wireless technologies & distributed systems

Why Helvar; Our Promise:

"Here you feel appreciated and valued, you are not just a number. It comes down to the people." - Helvar Employee 

At Helvar, we promise you conditions that foster your personal growth and help you achieve your full potential! We dare to claim ourselves as experts in innovation (with 100 years experience), and we work in a friendly, easy-going atmosphere, with a focus on improving your wellbeing. 

Here are some examples of our promise to you coming alive:

  • Bi-weekly internal hackathons to let you improve the company on an ongoing basis
  • Bi-weekly Knowledge Sharing sessions – bring a topic of your interest area and let others fall in love too
  • A company program boosting and rewarding our Inventions culture (we also have a very special mug available for great inventors 😉)
  • Plenty of learning content available and dedicated time for you to invest on your own self development
  • Weekly “morning flow” sessions to get your morning started with high energy
  • “Fun Squad” hosting local wellbeing and social/sporting events 
  • Bike benefit – why not use your commuting time for your own benefit
  • Hybrid and flexible ways of working; we value that you have priorities outside of work too
  • International & diverse teams across Finland, the UK, Sweden and beyond 😊

Interview Process

  1. 20-minute Screening call with our Talent Acquisition Partner 
  2. 1-hour conversation with a senior member of the team / HR 
  3. Possible assessment 
  4. 1-hour final conversation with our manager / HR 

Apply to join our team of talented and passionate experts!

If you’d like to be a part of the Helvar family, please apply for this role via our Helvar Careers site at Feel free to also get in touch with our Talent Acquisition Partner, Ben Fryer who will get in touch with you shortly.

Helvar is an international SMART lighting controls technology company specialising in intelligent and energy-saving solutions.  Helvar lighting control solutions and luminaire components help to create smart environments built for the future, using information, and working seamlessly with other systems. With a vast range of projects spanning from hospitals, schools, workplaces to cruise ships and Istanbul’s 3rd new airport (the largest in the world), Helvar designs open and flexible solutions for lighting across a range of applications. With 100 years of expertise, Helvar serves its customers locally with offices in Finland, UK and Sweden and via our global network of partners in over 50 countries.

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