The Smartest Water Experience

Reducing energy consumption is essential for the survival of our planet. Water heating accounts for a great share of every home's energy use. How could the water usage data from an apartment building and each apartment be utilized to achieve energy savings?

Lately, we have also witnessed the spread of infections that spread via touch. Around 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands. Did you know that we touch our face an average of 16 times per hour. 

How could we help faucet users to do better with handwashing? 

We invite you to help consumers and give them meaningful and motivational tools to enhance the wellbeing of our environment, ourselves, and those close to us.

The challenge

All of us use water every day for many purposes. Yet, we might not know where the water is used the most, and more importantly, how it should be used:  

  • People should know the amount of water they use in shower or what is a reasonable amount
  • Building owners could predict the need of hot water and optimize the heating process
  • In hand washing, a long soaping time (up to 20 sec) is crucial to get all the microbes away
  • In big buildings it´s important for plumbers to quickly identify the location of the leaking faucet

What data and insights could be visualized and how should it need to be displayed? How can we make every user more conscious about their water usage and encourage them to do better? Information could be transformed into targets or even positive competition via gamification, resulting in doing good for the users and our environment.


Water is present all the time in our everyday lives. Still, many of us pay very little attention to the usage of it. We want to improve the tracking of this very important nature asset. 

The goal is to provide insights and encouragement for the users to improve themselves  - similar to what heart rate monitors did for running or Oura ring has lately done for sleeping. 

What We'll Bring

During the event, we will provide proprietary water usage data in JSON-format from one building including 20 apartments for the contenders. Our experts are supporting and mentoring throughout the event. Also the latest developments of our product offering such as digital hand shower and touchless Bluetooth faucets are presented at our booth and online at Oras Hydractiva Digital - Save water and energy in the shower and SMART faucets (

The Prizes

The winning team will get 1000€ and each team member will get Oras Hydractiva hand showers.

Oras Hydractiva hand showers will also be rewarded for each 2nd and 3rd team member.

For more information: Oras Hydractiva Digital - Save water and energy in the shower

Judging criteria

Use the database to build the best, attractive but simple User-Interface with Oras visual appearance. It's highly appreciated to use also other publicly available APIs to consolidate the impression. Be creative!

Main judging principles: 

  1. Data usage and new approaches / ideas to create useful information
  2. Visuality and usability
  3. Gamification and experience + inspiration

About the Company

Oras Group is a significant European provider of sanitary fittings: the market leader in the Nordics and a leading company in Central Europe. The Group has two strong brands, Oras and Hansa. Oras Group is owned by Oras Invest, a family company and an industrial owner. Oras Group's net sales were 226 million euros in 2020 and at the end of the period the company employed 1300 people.