Collaborate Without Constraint

At Miro, our mission is to empower teams to create the next big thing. That’s why we created a tool designed for modern work, enabling teams to communicate and collaborate without the constraints of a physical location, meeting space, or whiteboard. The way we work has changed drastically, and teams are optimizing for the “future of work” today. Distributed ways of working are becoming a norm, creating an opportunity to redefine what collaboration looks like.

The challenge

This weekend, we invite you to use the Miro platform to expand on our mission and empower your own audience to create and collaborate in today’s world.

We’ve been working on some new things for our platform, and for this challenge, you’ll have access to a preview of what’s coming. The Miro platform includes both a Web SDK and a REST API. The Miro Web SDK allows you to interact with a board inside of Miro, even creating custom applications. The Miro REST API allows you to pull information from and pass information to a board, which supports creating integrations both with the Web SDK or with any other application you may have. You can use one or both of these tools to create your solution that helps teams build the next big thing.

We want you to show us what you’ve got. Feel free to create something entirely new, or to take an existing concept and apply it in a new way.


Miro’s infinite canvas empowers more than 20M users to brainstorm, map ideas, build a plan, and generally just work — whether they are sitting at the same conference table or collaborating across continents. This challenge offers you the opportunity to build integrations that could improve the workday for millions of people. You can aim to make something for the everyday user, or to create an integration that an enterprise could install for every employee. We welcome your creativity, and we look forward to seeing what you will do.

What We'll Bring

During the event, you’ll be using a developer preview of the Miro platform. We’ll have a getting-started guide for participants to browse once the event begins.

We understand that a developer preview may introduce some unexpected challenges. So we will have a team of mentors available for office hours during the following times. In addition, we may have bonus support late at night or early in the morning, and we will be sure to post those extra times as they come up.

Office Hours (UTC+2):

Friday, Nov 19:


11pm-1am (late-night support)

Saturday, Nov 20:



10pm-1am (late-night support)

Feel free to reach out to our team of mentors for support— whether you encounter a technical issue or whether you just need to clarify an idea you have.

The Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 submissions. These three teams will receive a monetary award, as noted below. 

First Place team – €2500

Second Place team – €1500 

Third Place team – €1000 

In addition, each member of a winning team will receive a Miro merch pack.

Judging criteria

We will be assessing all submissions across the following 3 criteria:

  1. Technical excellence – how you use the Miro platform
  2. Impact on the user – how your solution helps a user build the next big thing
  3. Solve a real problem – be sure to clearly state which problem you decided to tackle and how your solution addresses it. You get to define your own problem here, and we encourage you to pick anything that interests you, whether it be small and mundane (like saving a person two minutes of time every Monday morning), or large and ambitious (like replacing the entire transportation system with teleportation).

Bonus points may be awarded for solutions that fit well with Miro’s 4 values.

About the Company

Miro is the most-used online whiteboard platform for distributed team collaboration. The platform’s infinite canvas enables its more than 20M users to lead engaging workshops and meetings, design products, brainstorm ideas, and more. Miro is truly global, with eleven hubs in cities around the world, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, New York City, Amsterdam, Perm, Berlin, Munich, London, Tokyo, and Sydney. To learn more, please visit

As a company, Miro holds both its culture and its employees to a high standard. We believe in creating a place where people can succeed and grow, and we aim to empower both our employees and our customers to do great things.

We have 4 values that define everything we do:

  • Play as a team to win the world. — We work, learn, and celebrate in collaboration rather than alone.
  • Focus on impact and make it happen. — We dream big, prioritize outcomes that matter most, and own our commitments.
  • Learn, grow, and drive change. — We reflect openly on our successes and failures and apply learnings for our work, team, and self-development.
  • Practice empathy to gain insight. — We look from the perspectives of customers, users, and each other, to deepen understanding.

If this seems like a place you’d like to work, we invite you to check out our current openings at