We at Loupedeck want to help creators, streamers, and other enthusiasts to improve their workflow and thrive in this new era of hybrid work model. Transitions are rarely easy but with the help of the Loupedeck software and consoles, we can make it more seamless, productive and enjoyable.   We built our software extensible to support any workflow or application -- your imagination is the limit.

We came to Junction in search for people like us, who enjoy enabling better workflows and helping people to be more productive and creative.

The challenge

With the help of Loupedeck SDK you can enable quick and seamless access to any application or service via the Loupedeck console, no matter what is happening on the computer right now.   The challenge is to create the most innovative solution that helps defining simplifying or automating any of the workflows or tasks that people face when working in hybrid mode. This challenge is complementary to some of the others' presented this year, so if you have a great idea, feel free to pitch it to us too!

Your imagination is the limit! Would you like to add more tools for collaboration and socialization? Or would you prefer to give users better tools for work and time management? Maybe streamline a workflow to better cater to more users with accessibility taken into account. Or maybe you’ll aim even higher and design an almighty productivity plugin to rule them all!

Reimagine how the working life looks like with Loupedeck’s productivity tools.Take the challenge and share your tools for staying inspired, creative, and productive no matter where you work!


Providing access to a very useful yet hard-to-reach functionality is one of the primary uses of Loupedeck consoles.  With the help of Loupedeck you can make lots of features accessible without using the computer screen and/or conventional input devices.  
* Loupedeck SDK is included to the Loupedeck software installation
and available for download from
* The SDK documentation is located at
https://developer.loupedeck.com/docs/Home (Note: Loupedeck
account needed)
* The code samples are located on https://github.com/Loupedeck

What We'll Bring

Participating teams will get access to Loupedeck consoles (Live and CT), Loupedeck SDK, and documentation.  The consoles will be available at the Junction hubs

The Prizes

The winning team will get Loupedeck consoles and hoodies as well an opportunity to continue collaborating with Loupedeck further.  The runner-ups will get a console per team as well as the t-shirts.

Judging criteria

Judged by Loupedeck team, the solutions will be evaluated by both innovativeness as well and by completeness.

About the Company

Loupedeck is the leading brand and manufacturer of custom creative consoles, designed to optimize productivity and maximize creativity through seamless interactions with wide range of software applications and services Our product line up includes Loupedeck+, Loupedeck Live, and Loupedeck CT. Each console is custom-designed to support a versatile range of workflows including, photo and video editing, audio composition, graphic design, content creation, and live streaming.
We are committed to supporting creatives of all backgrounds by expanding software compatibility and developing new hardware that makes creating faster and more intuitive.