Preventing loneliness and social isolation

Living alone is increasing. Last year more than 1.2 million Finns lived alone. That’s almost 45 percent of housing communities. Those who are living alone and experience loneliness, have in common high age, low income and poor health. (According to Statistics Finland)

In this challenge we are looking for solutions to preventing social isolation and loneliness. How could we recommend needs-based services to a person living alone?

The challenge

Advancing well-being and developing health services are included in Turku’s Mayor program. The city is gradually investing in preventive services and strengthening service guidance so that customers can easily and smoothly find the right service at the right time. At the same time Turku is exploring the possibilities of increasing at home services for the elderly. 


One question to start with could be: how could the digital services provided by the city be combined with those offered by other service providers? 

Help us to find innovative solutions for recommending needs-based services to an elderly person left alone, for example through advanced machine learning algorithms.

What We'll Bring

During the event, participants will be creating new innovative solutions and services using real world data and proprietary APIs. We are also bringing mentors with years of experience.

Machine readable sources that you can use Other related datasets

The Prizes

1st place: 1 500€
2nd place: 750 €

Judging criteria

We appreciate solutions which are functional and valuable, innovative and also implementable. Our team focuses on the following criteria: Design, originality, impact and utility.

About the Company

CGI connects the dots between people, data, processes and technology end-to-end. As a leading technology company we provide a vast cast of services and work together with our clients in any industry from Municipalities and Health to Banking and Transportation.

City of Turku is a modern European city with great possibilities for leisure time whether you’re attending events, going shopping, doing sports or just chilling down the riverfront. With 180 000 inhabitants, Turku is the 5th largest city in Finland and also the oldest (founded in 1229).

It is time for us all to stand up to loneliness. The prevention of social exclusion is a significant social task. Together we are looking for new ways to develop more responsible solutions for the community so it is our pleasure to welcome all developers to co-create pre-emptive services to support better life for those in need.