Hybrid Event Experience Gamified

The challenge

In the future much like right now many events that used to be purely physical will be transforming to hybrid events to keep up with the changing times. 

This means that different platform providers such as Brella must adapt their solutions to continue to serve quality to their audiences from organizers to participants. 

Brella challenges you to innovate ways to make their platform the most engaging and captivating hybrid event experience.


Brella is all about the users. The solutions should thus be easy and clear to use as well as be adaptable to different event specific edits such as the color theme.

In our minds we want to make sure that in the future event platforms focus will shift from providing loads of information to be consumed whenever to providing quality content that engages participants in the moment! This will help to create a more natural flow for the event as well as increase the happiness of the participants.

What We'll Bring

Brella will be offering a vast support network for the participants that choose this challenge: 

  • Mentors to assist you with any questions you may have
  • Model Brella user personas to give you an insight into the “typical” Brella users from many different points of view
  • A demo event environment for you to see how the platform works and looks at the moment so you know what to add on top of those features.

The Prizes

  • 1500 € for the winning team
  • Brella swag for the two runner up teams

Judging criteria

Design: Visual design, user experience and user engagement 

Tech: Customizability, extensibility and pluggability. The solution can be a completely new feature or an extension/plug-in to our existing features

About the Company

Brella provides the world’s smartest event platform with the heart in networking and so far we have digitally transformed thousands of events across 60+ different countries worldwide. We believe 100% in the power of human connections, because we achieve everything in life with the help of others. Meeting the right person at the right time changes everything – and we want to give that experience to every attendee worldwide. We are constantly looking for developers and designers who can help us with this mission.